The Gospel Dancers: In order to give the children an opportunity to share their talents, as well as gain confidence in performing for an audience, the Huruma Gospel Dancers was started in 2002. The performance group, which consists of around 30 children who sing and dance, has performed for a variety of audiences including churches, weddings and even in the streets of Nairobi. This creates a strong sense of cooperation and achievement, both important aspects of the children's character development. Also through this, the gospel dancers are able to evangelize and reach out to other children who are hurting, through their songs in a special way.

acrobatsThe Acrobat troupe: Last year were blessed to get in touch with an acrobatic troupe called Nafsi Africa. They trained some of our children on acrobatic styles and fits and now the Home has an acrobatic troupe. As a Home we are encouraged because through such amazing skills, a child is able to express him or herself in a creative way. As a troupe they have performed at various functions within and without the Home. Just like the gospel dancers, they have been able to reach out and touch the hearts of children who are hurting, just as they were.

Community Service: There is one vital value that Mama Zipporah, has and is always instilling on all the children who walk into the threshold of Huruma Children's Home, the value is giving. This is one virtue that Mama Zipporah has tirelessly instilled through the children participating in community service projects. Mama Zipporah wants them to know that even though they may not have money, they have something they can give back to the community and that is their time and skills. Every year, all the children of Huruma Children.

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