Like any natural birth, the birth of Huruma has been a painful one but the fruits have brought so much joy and hope to many destitute children. Mama Zipporah and her family have struggled against all odds for many years to put smiles on the faces of more than 150 deprived children in our midst.

Mama Zipporah was born in 1957 as a firstborn in a family of two girls and three boys. Her father used to work with Ministry of National resources as a Forest Ranger and he was a caring father. With such a stable income he was able to provide a relatively comfortable life for his family but in 1969, life took a turn for the worse.

mama zippyHe suddenly changed and abandoned his wife and children and married another wife. All this happened when Mama Zipporah was only 12 years old and her father chose to educate her in return for her services as a nanny for the children of his new wife.

Her stepmother resorted to mistreating her and eventually she ran away from the home she had known all her life, into a world, she was a complete stranger too. Mama Zipporah lived like a destitute child all her life because wherever she went even to her own relatives, none was ready to give her a home. Her biological mother, already had a heavy burden on her shoulder, with four young siblings to take care of and Mama Zipporah, started taking care of herself at a tender age of 12 years.

As the saying goes, no trouble lasts for long, Mama Zipporah, when she was at her prime age, she met Pastor Isaac and they got married. She now had the family she had longed for a long time as well as a husband, who loved her like his own soul. They were blessed with two daughters but when she was expecting her third and last child in 1984, she got a diagnosis.

She was diagnosed with a serious degenerative heart disease. She felt so depressed as she looked back at her life, which was marred with a lot of struggles and rejection and when she was at last enjoying her life, she was diagnosed with a heart disease and the doctors had given her a short time to live.

She had reached the end of the road, she lay there ready to die but she remembered her young family as well as a verse in the Bible, in the book of Proverbs 6:33, “that the power of life and death is in your mouth” She said in whisper, “God, if you heal me I will give thanks to you by taking care of an orphaned child” The funny thing is that Mama Zipporah did not state how many children and that became the birth of Huruma Children's Home.


In 1986 Zipporah relinquished her secretarial job with the Ministry of Livestock Development and began working for a street children feeding program she had founded in 1985 in a shanty village in Ngong town. She was repeatedly moved by needs of the street children having been a destitute child herself and she wanted to be able to do more than merely feed these children.

Later, some of the children approached her and told her they would like to go to school, but the big question they asked her was, where would they stay? This made her realize, even if she gave them food, they needed something more, education and a place to call home at the end of the day.

She tried to find a shelter for the children at the existing orphanages but they could not absorb the children. The feeding program operated from 1985 to 1989, but she had to leave the program because the sponsors were not ready for an orphanage because the boys were being housed temporarily at a room in the project.

kamau4Faced with the dilemma of giving up the orphans back to the street or keeping them in her home, she decided to take in the children into her family.

She put her faith and trust in God that He will continually provide and kept every child. She wanted to offer these children a loving home, a family, education and a bright future. In 1990, she integrated them with her own family and that was the beginning of Huruma Children's Home, and that's how they live, even today. The government guided her through the process of becoming a full facility. Their first home was a mud and wattle structure with cardboard partitions and mud floor.

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 31 - 00208 Ngong Hills, Kenya;    Phone:  0724-724181, 0733-678285