You can make a difference

Please consider how you can impact the lives of vulnerable children and offer them with a bright future.
You can support us through:

Prayer: You can pray regularly for the home, the children and the staff.

Visit Us: You can choose to visit Huruma at any time of the day and you can contact us prior to your visit. We encourage friends of Huruma to visit because they can offer the children advice concerning how to overcome challenges in life and also they can interact and play with the children as recreational facilities are available. (To get directions to the orphanage please click Location)

Become a Volunteer: Contact us to see how your talents and time can be a gift to the children. Arrangements can be made to suit your availability. Areas to consider giving time include, but are not limited to: child-care, medical, administrative, fund-raising, building / carpentry, special skills education and more. (For how you can be a volunteer please click Become a Volunteer)

Non-Financial Contributions: You can donate goods for needs such as clothes, shoes, blankets & sheets, food, building materials, tools, furniture, school /office materials, medical supplies, sports & musical equipment and more. You can also contact us to find out our most pertinent needs.

Financial Contributions: If you consider making a one time, monthly or annual financial gift to Huruma Children's Home. You can designate money towards a specific project, or give a general gift to be used for our everyday expenses and needs. (To offer financial support please click Send Donations)

Sponsor a Child: The following contributions can help a needy child to get a better life and good education:

    US$  35 a month - can provide for a child's basic needs.
    US$  70 a month - can help send and maintain our students in high school.
    US$ 140 a month - can help send a student to college.

(for more information on how you can sponsor a child contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 31 - 00208 Ngong Hills, Kenya;    Phone:  0724-724181, 0733-678285