Beautiful beads: As the Mission stated, that Huruma aims to empower children in need to become productive members of society through rehabilitation, education and self-reliance skills. Beautiful beads was started in 1999 and it is a rehabilitative, educative as well as a self-reliant skill project. The children are able to cultivate their skills, as well as creativity through the creation of beaded ornaments. Also, it has become an income generating activity for the Home because all the beaded work is handcrafted by the children themselves and the proceeds of the sales, are re-invested into the children and the home. The beadwork can be viewed and purchased at the Home i.e., Huruma Children's Home, or you can call us for a free brochure.

Land Resources: The land on which Huruma Children's home is situated provides the children and their gardens with supplies of clean water through a machine drilled 284m bore-hole. This water is also available for sale to the surrounding community, providing an income generating activity for the home as well as clean drinking water, which is affordable to the local villagers. Due to the availability of water, the Home has a vegetable garden that provides a variety of nutritious vegetables including cabbage, carrots and onions for consumption. The Home has dairy cows that supply much needed to the home. There is also poultry and pigs for further self sustainability.


Postal Address:  P.O. Box 31 - 00208 Ngong Hills, Kenya;    Phone:  0724-724181, 0733-678285