Building Shelter 2013: Girls’ dormitory: With God’s help last year we were able to finish the boys’ dormitories and in the year 2013 we would like to commence the building of the girl’s dormitories. Currently even if we tried spreading them in the two rooms that formerly belonging to the boys who have gone to their new dormitories the girls they are still congested. The dilemma becomes bigger especially now that there are girls who are in high school and they do value their privacy as young growing women but they have such a great and caring heart because they know about the situation and they are praying for a miracle. My prayer is that we can provide ample sleeping space for the girls.

Kazi Program: This program was initiated by Mama Zipporah and she shared the idea with Tom Spencer and he came up with the name, Kazi program. Kazi is a Swahili word that means work. It targets the high school students as we prepare them to join the community after their high school studies. They not only get work ethics but they are also taught about money management. In summary the program works as follows: The high school students have divided themselves into groups of 10 according to their talents and strengths and they identify areas within the Home whereby they can use their talents. They have a task sheet which they sign in every Saturday after the chores are done and this sheet is used in paying them a small stipend in appreciation of the work they have done. This has really improved the self-esteem of the students because now they feel responsible and mature and always asking for tasks to do. The areas in which the students participate in are: bead making, landscaping, shoe repairs, plumbing, hairdressing, mending younger children’s torn cloths, nursing whereby the students are being trained by Roberta our Missionary, beauticians, feeding the cows and cleaning and feeding the biogas digester. It’s very interesting and one enjoys working with them.

Cow program: This is an amazing project that was initiated by a young boy called Tyler from the USA, who visited Huruma with his parents and grandparents who are missionaries in Kenya last December. He asked me asked what my need was and I told him that I needed a working biogas plant but there were few cows to supply the required manure. He told me he will try and help and he has been able to support me buy 5 cows and still raising more towards purchasing more cows. Our goal is to have 20 cows and 8 are remaining. We are happy that currently we have twelve cows and the great thing is that each cow has a name.

College Scholarship Fund: Our mission states that one of our goals is to offer quality education to our children and that means taking them to college. We are always encouraged when we see a child being able to access college education which is expensive in my country. By contributing to this scholarship fund we will be able to take more children to college and grant them the hope and future.

Food: One of our goals is to provide the basic needs to the children and to the children whom we pick up every morning from the slums, it’s the only meal they have for the day. We need your support to ensure that they don’t go to bed hungry.

Transport: we currently pick up more than fifty children from the slum everyday who come to our school to get quality education. Currently we have a small van which has greatly helped in picking up the children and we would like to pick up more children from the slums and give them quality education. Our prayer is that we will be able to purchase a bigger van to pick up more children.

Uniform Project: Our school is a registered school and according to the Kenyan laws each pupil wears pair of uniforms at school. To abide by these rules we purchase a new pair of uniforms for the children each year because the ones they had the previous year are worn out.

Music: We have a vibrant music team and the children are learning how to play instruments like the drum, guitars, and piano. The number of children interested in music are increasing everyday and the available instruments are few than the number of children interested in learning.


Solar and wind Power Project: We as Huruma really care about the environment and one way we can help is by using biodegradable energy. Our prayer is that we will be able to install the solar and wind power system that will greatly help in reducing the running costs as well as taking care of the environment.


Ways you can make a child smile

For as little as US$ 10, Ksh. 1000 or € 10 a month, you can make a huge difference in a child’s life and give them a reason to smile by giving to one of the projects listed above.

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