Our School Policy

Our schools have opened its doors to the neighboring community and we work together - parents, teachers and students, to create the best possible learning environment for the studnets so that they grow and develop to their full potential. This allows free interaction between students from the Huruma Children's Home and those from the local community. The school fees go only some way to covering some of our school costs.

 977The Curriculum

We follow the National Guideline Objectives as directed by the Ministry of Education. These are supplemented by an ethos of our own. For example, we have introduced a daily literacy session for all classes for we regard the teaching of reading as a high priority and use fun and interactive methods to achieve this we also have a daily numeracy lesson where we encourage the children to learn the importance of Mathematics in everyday life and develop essential numeracy skills. Afternoon activities are offered in the afternoon for all the children this include activities such as Physical Education, Bead making, Computers, Tailoring , Knitting cookery, gardening, music and outside play provide the children with further opportunities to develop fully.

Play is at the centre of the curriculum, as we realize that this is the natural way young students develop. Young students are active learners and they need time to explore and experience their environment firsthand. This is achieved through a carefully planned and stimulating Active learning Environment. Every aspect of the student is carefully developed through a progressive curriculum that prepares the student in becoming self-reliant and responsible members of the community. We emphasize the importance of respecting one another, honesty, fairness and self-discipline. We use positive praise for good behavior and expect all students to abide by the school rules.

We actively encourage a three-way partnership between parents, teachers and students. By working together we can realize the full potential of the students. There are many events for you to come along to. Apart from parent- teacher interviews, there are school productions, sports events and parent information/discussion evenings.

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 31 - 00208 Ngong Hills, Kenya;    Phone:  0724-724181, 0733-678285
Email:  mamazipporah@yahoo.com,   myhurumasponsor@yahoo.com